Impostor syndrome

Adeola Adeyemi

Adeola Adeyemi


Were you a medical student? Or did you know one?

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the struggles of medical school.

For most of medical school, I was constantly afraid to fail because I needed to prove that I was brilliant. I was highly competitive and very critical to myself, all of which were features of low self-esteem.

In preparation for one of the mandatory exams of my residency training, I gave myself barely 4hours of sleep per day. I read day and night and had no time for any other thing but psychiatric books. When the results came out, they were excellent. But I didn’t believe it. I felt I was helped, can you imagine??? Even after the examiners commended me, my inner critic kept saying “you were only lucky”.

As in, how could I have thought that it was mere luck to pass 2 major professional exams, 3 weeks apart, in one sitting, and not acknowledge that I had prepared and deserved to pass?

Something was wrong………….

I had an impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome simply means you have that belief that you don’t deserve your achievements.

Many high achievers are on this table.

They struggle so much from impostor syndrome even though they have achieved a lot. They keep comparing, competing, and complaining. They put so much pressure on themselves to acquire success, they over-produce to prove that they are good, without acknowledging past accomplishments.

Are you on this table???

• Do you often feel that you don’t deserve people’s compliments?

• Do you sometimes feel inadequate and incompetent?

• Do you often feel you aren’t good enough?

Now is the time to break free from impostor syndrome.

The decision is yours to make.

You are worthy of all of your achievements!

Join the waiting list for the next edition of self-esteem challenge and let me teach you how to regain your self-confidence.

Much Love,

Your Mental Fitness Coach🤗


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