5 Mental Health lessons from the series “Emily in Paris”

Adeola Adeyemi

Adeola Adeyemi


Emily in Paris is an American comedy-drama that premiered a month ago on Netflix.

It was one of my self-care options during the early weeks of October when everywhere we turned online, there was news of violence and aggression.

This movie was both relaxing and educative. There was a lot to learn about the French culture, positive mindset, friendship and advertising

Here are 5 Mental Health Lessons I got from the movie:
🔹1. Perception
Lesson 1: ” For every seemingly difficult situation you find yourself, there’s a teeny tiny level of hope, depending on your perspective”.

Emily saw the good out of almost every situation. Moving to a new place where they do not speak the same language as you and where there are a lot of culture differences can be daunting, but Emily did not let it bother her as she relocated to Paris from Chicago. Even when her boyfriend broke up with her a few weeks after she arrived in Paris, she didn’t wallow in the pain for too long. She chose to focus on all the possibilities available to her. She also believed she could  work with anyone even if they were mean and not willing to accept her (e.g. her new boss and colleagues and even her difficult client, Pierre Cadault)

🔸2. Positive vibe
Lesson 2: “Be intentionally positive, build a positive mindset”.

Emily is high-spirited, full of energy and always solution-oriented. Often times, her boss would give her reasons why some project ideas wouldn’t work but she proffered solutions , not because she had them handy, but because of her positive attitude and willingness to try.
She knows how to turn a difficult situation around for good. For instance, her boss gave her an impossible task of booking a reservation at a restaurant for some clients just to spite her but she handled it perfectly.
Her mantra is “It’s gonna work, it has to”.

🔹3. Self-Confidence
Lesson 3: ” Believe in yourself and in your abilities, even if nobody believes in you”

Working in a team where your ideas are always unwelcome can be daunting and make you question your abilities and competencies. But not Emily! She had brilliant ideas about advertising but this was not welcome by the people she worked with in Paris. She never doubted herself but kept on pushing the ideas until her boss and colleagues bought into it. She also did the same for some of her clients like Pierre Cadault when she convinced him to embrace the new trend of fashion.

🔸4. Empathy

Lesson 4: “Show empathy to others, be kind and considerate in your dealings with others”.

Emily genuinely cared about others. She was considerate and always willing to help. Irrespective of her boss being difficult and hard to please, she held no resentment towards her but looked out for her especially when the man her boss love offended.

You can not control how others react to you but you can control your response. Emily is very good at focusing on the things she can control.

🔹5. Support
Lesson 4:”Find a good support system and invest in it”.

What is life without friends that truly care about you? Emily made friends and built a good support system. For example, her friend Mindy Chen. Emily didn’t only go to her when she needed to vent, but also helped her rediscover  her dream of becoming a singer. She made her believe in herself again. Friendship is about giving and taking, so do not only look out for things friends can do for you, but also what you can do for them!

If you are looking to relax and netflix, I recommend Emily in Paris!

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